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This story is based on Cthulhu Mythos and the Derweze in Karakum Desert


My brain got a mess, such a mess!
It must be written down, before I go insane!
That was an earthquake at the middle of Karakum
And I was parched up with the heat!
When our well drill launched
Something wrong with the earth you know
That was a surface collapse,
everything began to shake
A whirlpool! All we were sucked!

In recent years I’ve been
investigating into the collapse pit
I have never told anyone before I write it
I’ve been always immersing
in the depths of the library
I read a lot, especially the banned
Damn! A splitting headache hit me again
I must be possessed by the Necronomicon
Since I have read it, it always comes
I found the ancient one was awaking!

I would never forget the awful day

Wild wind blow, the sand turned cold
The dust storm suddenly made my eyesight whiting
I heard the screaming around
How they make it? I can’t even breathe!
With the huge noise of the working well drill
We all have dropped and fallen to the soft ground
One of my colleagues was trapped in the cab
Another one was crushed!

Did U find something wrong? The soft ground!
I guess I have been falling for a century, then I drop
Oh I was stuck, and I still can’t open my eyes
Then I tried to move a step
toward the roaring machine

Shit! It was sanking and there must be the center
I was crawling backwards and
struggled to turn around
It must be a DEVIL under the earth
It woke up and started to breathe
Something raised and pushed me up to the horizon!

The deep breathe that sound thick and clear
Something strange came out from the ground
A wave. The cab got squashed
Ugly smelling drove me dizzy
Cold sticky liquid wet my clothes
Deliver us to the hidden devil
I stick to the ground and followed the wind,
with hopelessness and sand

I incredibly finally see the sun
The flammable gas is now jetting
Someone in my mind whispering
Devil is awaking, do something!

I find the only lighter in my pocket
I snapped it then I was blown way
The flame poured into the hold
And that’s the Burning Hell!


from HEXFIRE, released November 1, 2015



all rights reserved


HEXFIRE Guangzhou, China

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